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Chale island to Ukunda Airport
Ksh 3000
Diani Beach to Mariakani Terminus
Ksh 6000
Diani hotels to Ukunda Airstrip
Ksh 1000
Mombasa to Nairobi private Transfer
Ksh 20000
Watamu to Malindi Transfer
Ksh 4500
Nairobi to SGR Terminus Transfers
Ksh 3000
Mombasa to SGR terminus
Ksh 5500
JKIA to Nairobi Hotel Transfer
Ksh 3000
Nairobi to JKIA Airport Transfer
Ksh 3500
Mombasa hotels to Diani Beach Transfer
Ksh 4500
Diani Beach hotels to Moi Airport
Ksh 6000
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A beach holiday in Diani is one of the best vacations you could select.
Diani promises to impress with lovely temperatures, private beaches, beautiful villas and hotels, stunning blue waters of the Indian Ocean, and a gateway to a safari adventure.
Getting to Diani Beach from Mombasa is a 90-minute drive. And almost two hours if you come from Moi International Airport in Mombasa.
With this in mind, you need a reliable taxi service to take care of transfers and more while vacationing in Diani Beach.

Diani Taxi Services is a reliable taxi service serving Diani Beach and its surrounding communities. We offer high-quality taxi services that guarantee customer safety and satisfaction.
We are dedicated to giving our clients a wonderful experience, whether a short transfer from the airport or hours of driving to a safari destination.
You can count on us for a smooth ride every time!

Why Choose us

Our taxi services

You can count on us for services such as:

Transfers. You can count on us for short transfers from Mombasa to Diani Beach and back. We transfer to and from airports, towns, the SGR Mombasa terminal, and even from one hotel to another. We promise a smooth, safe ride.

Private car hire. If you need a private car to run errands during your stay at Diani Beach, we can help with that. We have a wide range of comfortable and easy-to-operate vehicles for hire. From small cars to large-capacity cars, we have everything you need to cruise conveniently.
Day trips. Diani Beach is a beautiful gateway to adventure and excursions. So if you sign up for a day trip, look no further for a reliable car service to safely transport you. We offer day trip services. You will have access to a reliable car service to take you anywhere and back.
Road trips. And finally, if you sign up for a trip to one of the many safari destinations near Diani Beach, we can organize a comfortable vehicle for your road trip.

Whether you choose to go to Tsavo East National Park or Saltlick Safari Lodge, we will take you there.

Our Vehicles & Drivers

All our drivers are qualified and certified. They have years of experience driving, so you can rest assured that your journey will be problem-free. Additionally, you get the advantage of the local experience. Your driver will use the best roads, skillfully avoiding traffic, and give you a short lesson on the geography. We are always on top of maintenance and servicing tasks when it comes to our cars. We ensure that the vehicles function correctly, significantly reducing the chances of breaking down.

In addition, all our vehicles are up-to-date on insurance. We have a variety of vehicles so you will receive the one ideal for you and your company.

Rest assured that we are always on top of things.

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